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/Adrian Fittolani

I’m a tech-industry manager and coach, from Melbourne Australia. I’ve been leading technology teams since 2002 and, that makes me about the luckiest person around.

Finding software development in 1999 was lucky. Some basic scripting was my gateway drug and before long I was hooked on web apps, leading to a tragic enterprise-news-ad-system overdose. Times were high in the newspaper game and as CTO and then GM of AdLizard, I led strongly, pushed hard and money was made.

Along the way I picked up certifications in project management (PMBOK) and Business management (it’s Adrian Fittolani MBM, thank you very much). Strong willed and ambitious, I managed people the way I had been taught, with explicit direction. I travelled the world, giving orders, kicking arses and getting my products and projects sold and completed. I could have made Frank Sinatra do things my way, boy was I hot! And boy was I miserable.

So finding agile was lucky. The values of the movement taught me that work could be different. That management is a craft and true leadership an attitude. Both should be human.

Today I guide the teams of Envato’s Content Group toward achieving their own success. I lead them in building a better place for our community to sell, in awe of their tireless commitment to help Authors earn a living, doing what they love. We’re building better technology, faster than ever and we’re having fun too. I’ve come a long way as a leader and over the journey, I’ve learned to manage the system; the people know how to manage themselves.

This site will help you get to know me a little better. My experience, my successes (there have been failures, but I’m choosing not to outline them in great detail here!), the facts. It’s a living history and a placeholder for a conversation I hope we’ll one day have.

See you then.

Adrian is the guy you want if you want to get your teams working as teams, improve your results and enjoy it.

- Helen Souness - Managing Director, Etsy (Australia & Asia) -


/What I do

I am a manager, coach and mentor that instills ownership and team reliance, developing an environment where creativity can flourish and productivity is a shared responsibility.


I manage in multi-project organisations, keeping work visible and making sure the right conversations are happening. I’m proven in delivery, particularly in complex and changing environments, mixing the best of old and new PM ideas.


I’ve transformed both single teams and entire divisions, providing extensive agile delivery training. I can demonstrate foster an appreciation for the benefits and measurable results of agility, at all areas of an organisation.


As a veteran leader within digital companies, I’ve seen real action. From strategic planning and product development to business establishment, acquisition and expansion, I work hard with and for those I lead, bringing everyone on the journey.


13years digital program management
9years agile coaching & transformation
14years senior organisation leadership
17years web product design & development


/Education & Experience

Education (Dates of completion)

Master of Business Management

Swinburne University, Melbourne Victoria

Scrum Master (PSM1) Certified


Graduate Diploma, Project Management

Swinburne University, Melbourne Victoria

Experience (Dates of completion)

Envato – Melbourne, Australia

General Manager - Content Group (Current)

I lead the strategy, operations and development teams that make Author content possible on Envato Market and Elements. The role carries the primary responsibility for the author community, and strategic and operational responsibility for content growth, delivery and quality.

Envato – Melbourne, Australia

Program Director - 1 year

I am responsible for providing a clear picture of the activities of the Market delivery streams for the rest of Envato and its community. I help teams deliver through coaching and encouragement, together driving a program of development that supports Envato's goals. In addition to Market responsibilities, this role has me tracking and facilitating the planning of Envato wide initiatives with (and as part of) the company's leadership team.


Envato – Melbourne, Australia

Program Manager / Agile Coach - 2 Years

This position is an internal service to the development teams, to help them work to a program and get more from agility. Guided teams in understanding agile principles and toward some practices that have seen the development group become better, productively and culturally. Responsible for the ongoing maintenance of a development program supportive of the Marketplaces roadmap, and for focusing teams on valuable outcomes. Marketplaces Leadership Team member, representing delivery in strategic and tactical planning.

Adslot – Melbourne, Australia

General Manager (Programs) - 2 Years

Program Manager, responsible for the delivery of all software products and services. Agile coaching, introduced Scrum as the company’s delivery framework across all teams (staff of 20 designers, developers, testers and IT). Focused on continuous improvement, team building, and business workflow development.


Adlizard – Melbourne, Australia

General Manager - 5 Years

Appointed GM at Adlizard as services grow beyond software development. Leading the company, a team of 35 across all services, we became the largest provider to the Australian Real Estate print advertising market through our Advenda and Adrover brands. Established stand alone call centre in Melbourne, supporting our portals. Early adopter of agile practices in development. 6 years operations leadership.

Adlizard – Sydney, Australia

CTO - 2 Years

Relocated to Sydney in 2003 as CTO of Adlizard. Extensive global travel as marketer, integrator, trainer and all round “Mr. Adlizard”. Worked on all continents. C-Level pitch and project collaboration within major news publishers (News Ltd & Fairfax - Aus, Media General - US, 7 majors in Europe)


Image Digital Publications – Melbourne, Australia

Software Developer - 2 Years

Built Australia’s first large-scale, self service ad web portal. First full-time development position after 8 years in print IT. I was a graphic artist straight out of school. I loved it. I qualified as an offset press operator, and studied nights to obtain the Diploma of Printing. Sadly, I don't think they offer that course anymore. I fell in love with type, lithography, letter press, the Mac, networking and Applescript. I was on my way.



Adrian's attitude is one that is hard to fault. Hard-working, dedicated, focused, he puts the objectives of the company and the team before his own. Adrian is a competent and hard-working manager, and without his efforts I doubt that the company would have achieved what it has to date.



A real leader, Adrian does the hard things needed to drive results. Never afraid of the challenge or the job ahead, solid and dependable. He really cares about what he does, and the people he works with.



A charming, warm and passionate professional. He diligently focuses on driving a deep commitment to culture, communication, team performance and project management. It’s a privilege having him on your team.



Above all Adrian is an authentic guy. His method for leading creative people and meeting commercial goals is tried and tested. His presence in any company will only improve it.




/My Life in Pictures

The best thing about me . . . is not me at all. It’s the people around me. My work and life have never been balanced but intertwined, and I’ve been lucky to find life long friends in the most unexpected places.

+61 403 383 968


/Alright then. Youtube links! Includes my Deakin University TEDx