Adrian Fittolani

Digital Organisation Leadership

I’m a tech-industry executive from Melbourne, Australia. 16 year org leadership record, currently part of the senior leadership team at Envato, one of Australia’s most successful online companies.


As its General Manager, I lead the 100 member Content Group, furthering Envato’s commercial success, through the assembly of a valuable, saleable content library. Full responsibility for strategy, delivery, operations and P&L.


I have a track record and a reputation for transforming businesses, harnessing people and instilling practices firmly rooted in my agile heritage.


General Manager, Content Group - Envato

Sep 2016 – Present

“Content” at Envato means saleable inventory. Responsible for product & technology delivery, development teams (50 people) plus support/ops (50 people). Stock of 2.7million market items & 50,000 sellers. Total strategy, growth and P&L responsibility. ★ Radical, measured improvement in operations through “Author Success” investments. ★ First ever serious foray into AI driven content review automation. ★ Projecting 20% ops cost reductions for FY19 despite 20% activity growth ($1m).

Program Director - Envato

Apr 2015 – Sep 2016 (1y 6m)

Responsible for the entire project portfolio, tracking and facilitating the planning of all initiatives, Envato wide. ★ Assembled the first ever cohesive picture of activities of all 300 staff. ★ Established first means of effective executive org strategy planning.

Program Manager / Agile Coach - Envato

Apr 2013 – Apr 2015 (2y 1m)

Hired as Market’s first Program Manager with a remit to build the agile practice more widely, eventually to encompass all of Envato. ★ Grew from 5 loosely associated teams, to a 16 team coordinated unit. 35 people to 120. ★ Introduced an agile culture and discipline that live on at Envato today.

General Manager Programs - Adslot Pty Ltd

Nov 2010 – Apr 2013 (2y 6m)

Responsible for the delivery of all software products and services. ★ Staff of 20 designers, developers, testers and IT. ★ Focused on continuous improvement, team building, and business workflow development.

General Manager - Adlizard

Jun 2007 – Nov 2010 (3y 6m)

Responsible for the delivery of all software products and services. Total strategy and P&L responsibility. ★ Led across all services, technical, commercial and supportive. ★ Became the largest provider to the Australian Real Estate print advertising market. ★ Established stand alone call centre in Melbourne, supporting our portals. ★ Early adopter of agile practices in development.

CTO - Adlizard

Mar 2004 – Jun 2007 (3y 4m)

Software development and delivery, technical direction and oversight. ★ Extensive global travel. ★ C-Level pitch and project collaboration within major news publishers. ★ Provider to News Ltd & Fairfax - Aus, Media General - US, 7 majors in Europe


Master of Business Management (MBM) - Swinburne University of Technology

2010 – 2012

Graduate Diploma Project Management - Swinburne University, Melbourne Victoria



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An example of my work at conferences, my 2015 TEDx and an Envato profile piece.